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My name is Lance Leggett,

I grew up in Bartow, Florida. Due to my interest in sports and my athletic ability I was afforded the opportunity to attend the University of Miami where I played football and ran track.


In 2011, I opened up a restaurant located in Tampa, Florida. At the restaurant I sold a variety of different food items, but this one particular item sold out daily. That was the Smoked Barbecue Boiled Peanuts! I decided to close the restaurant and focus solely on the boiled peanuts by investing in a warehouse. Unfortunately, I hit a wall.


In the interim, I decided to start my own trucking company and drive trucks for a couple of years. However, I never gave up hope. Taste One was always a dream that I wanted to see come to fruition.


After a couple of years of people around town always asking when could I make them some boiled peanuts, I had my affirmation! I knew it was time to get back to business so the world could "Taste One" of the famous Smoked Barbecue Boiled Peanuts.

CEO of Taste One Boiled Peanut Co.

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